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Scarleteen is a vital queer and trans positive sexual health resource. Their staff do an amazing job of creating really comprehensive and helpful articles on literally every sexual topic you can imagine. They also provide live chats, advice columns, moderated discussion forums, and SMS-based peer support. This site has helped me on countless occasions, and I refer at-risk queer and trans kids to this site every single day.

Scarleteen is invaluable.

And Scarleteen needs your help.

During their annual donation drive this year, the site was only able to raise $1,500. Only fifty people out of Scarleteen’s 350,000 unique monthly visitors contributed to the fundraising drive.

This means that unless Scarleteen sees a stable, sustained, 50% increase in donations, the site will essentially be forced to go dark on May 1. No more new content, no more advice columns, no more forums, no more live chat, no more SMS support. 

This is devastating.

If Scarleteen goes dark, millions of young people, vulnerable queer and trans teens among them, will lose access to essential, fundamental sexual health resources. We cannot let this happen.

Please, please, please donate to Scarleteen. Consider making a recurring monthly contribution if you feel that this is within your means. Even $5 or $10 a month will go a long way to helping this very, very deserving organization.

And whether or not you’re able to donate at this time, please signal boost this and spread the word. Scarleteen does incredible, very necessary work, and they need our help.



How to remove a ring from a swollen finger without cutting it off.

This is amazingly clever, and absolutely needs to be propagated among healthcare professionals; it won’t be useful often, but when it is, it could seriously save lives, because people hold up their own emergency treatment for sentimental and emotional reasons every day in every ER in the world.

My wedding ring was my father’s ring for 32 years of loving marriage before my mother died, and I would not hesitate to tell an EMT to take the finger off and reattach it later if they could before I would let them cut this ring.



THIS COP IS TOO REAL - Vine by Officer Daniels

Please tell me this specific cop here is the one my tax dollars pay for.

New in Season 3: Player Choice!


Naomi returns to the blog to talk about some changes that have been made to the player’s interaction with the story in Zombies, Run! 3. 

I’m really so excited to be starting to let Season 3 of Zombies, Run! loose on our audience. It’s been months in the planning - we started talking about our plot arcs and returning characters back in October 2013 - and we’ve got some fantastic surprises coming up, both in plot and in the guest writers we’ve managed to snag for this season. 

One thing we’ve wanted to do for ages was to introduce a bit of *choice* into the game for players. I know we’ve already got the base builder, and many of our Runner Fives have made amazing and beautiful Abel Townships. I thought it’d be fun to extend this kind of choice just a little bit, and give Runner Five a couple of options about what they’re actually going to do during the game. It’s this kind of thing that makes games-writing so dynamic and engaging. 

So, once or twice this season, you’ll be asked to make a decision. We had to think carefully about how to do this - for one thing, you don’t want to be having to stop and press a button while running! And it’s been a design principle from the beginning that we’ll never ‘punish’ the player too much. After all, you’re already out there running, so you’re already a hero! 

All this means that you won’t be able to destroy Abel with a single bad decision - but some of the things you do will have knock-on effects later in the game. And I’m excited to hear what you make of what we’ve done! 

  • Ray:

    It's great when my mom wants to FaceTime me [in the morning]. I'm like 'shut up!'

  • Gus:

    That'd be awesome. She can face time with me. Hi, Ray's mom.

  • Ray:

    [Voice cracks] Hi Mom.

  • Gavin:

    Is she alright?

  • Gus:

    Yeah, you didn't see? Oh, I guess you wen't in the States yet when she came to visit.

  • Ray:

    No, I made sure they weren't there when my mom visited.

  • Gavin:

    What does she look like?

  • Ray:


  • Gavin:

    [To Gus] What's she look like? [Gestures]

  • Gus:

    Just without the beard.

  • Ray:

    Did you just go 'What's she look like?' [Copies gesture]

  • Jack:

    Can we have a link dump?

  • Gavin:

    Is she called Mrs Narvaez Jr?

  • Ray:


  • Jack:

    [To Gavin] So we found out your mom is hot.

  • Gavin:

    Wha- [flustered] how'd you know that?

  • Jack:

    Gus brought it up.

  • Gus:

    I don't remember who brought it up to me. Someone brought it up to me and said it made you really uncomfortable.

  • Jack:


  • Gavin:

    She's alright, yeah. She looks young.

  • Jack:

    [High pitched voice] She's alright. Don't talk about my mommy.

  • Ray:

    How old is your mom?

  • Gavin:

    She's 50.

  • Ray:

    My mom's 49.

  • Gavin:

    There you go. You beat me by one year.

  • [Uncomfortable silence]

  • Ray:

    ...Please don't bang our moms.



I want a movie about a guy who runs for president and wins but then suddenly realizes that he doesn’t want to be president, so he just starts doing ridiculous things all the time trying to get impeached, but it NEVER WORKS because they always miraculously end up being the right thing to do. Like, he declares war on Canada? Next day it turns out that Canada had secret plans to nuke Washington. he bans Doritos? Turns out theyr’e the number one cause of cancer and natural disasters. He sends his vice president to jail? Turns out the VP was a terrorist in disguise. He has 100% approval rating, most popular president ever.

I’ve decided that I want him to be played by Jeff Goldblum. 






truest shit ive ever read

bullshit. cheaters don’t strive for A’s. they strive for C’s. getting A’s make shit look to obvious especially when you ain’t doing the bare minimum in class

I went for A’s when I cheated.

who wants to cheat for a c? if you gon cheat, cheat big

"lemme rob this bank for 3 grand…. dont wanna make it….obvious"

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(Source: kuzans)





so basically someone made a redesigned version of Comic Sans and holy shit I never knew I could warm up to something that resembles Comic Sans like this

I’m not a typographer so my eyes aren’t trained for this but I think I might use this from now on

I love it!

I never thought there comes a day when I’d actually consider putting anything Comic Sans-related remotely near any of my comic work.

But hey, stranger things have happened! Bravo, Comic Neue~

Makes sense as to why it’s a lot more eye pleasing. Hence the name, Comic Sans didn’t have serifs. With serifs it’s a) new and also b) reminiscent of other favored fonts over CS (Helvetica, Garamond, etc)

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