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mizanincarchives asked:

ACTUALLY no the Shimeji/Desktop Buddies are NOT limited to 46 frames on Mac! As long as you copy-paste the conf file (provided that it's in Japanese) into the Mac Shimeji folder, it'll work on a Mac. As far as I know, all the default sitting animations will work, too. The only things that I know of that don't work are conf files not written in Japanese, the window-throwing animation, and Shimeji E-E (which I can get to open up but not actually do anything).

Ah ok, I did not know that! Thank you for the information, I’m sure that will be much more helpful to the Anon.



Anonymous asked:

Do they still do the adorable little kiss on mac or does that one not work? Thank you for all your help by the way.

I honestly have no clue. The kissing is one of Charles’ extra animations so I suppose it would depend on whether or not whoever converts them for mac includes that animation.

EDIT: Adding in that, according to open-pod-bay-doors-hal, all the little extra animation work! Which means that the little kissing animation should work is Charles is ever converted. :D I say trust them over me when it comes to that because I have no experience on a Mac.

Happy to be a help :D


Anonymous asked:

Thank you so much for the tutorials for changing the buddies to mac, I've got them working now. Is there anything in particular they don't do on mac?

No problem! I’ve heard that they are limited to only 46 animations and that they won’t steal or cling to/sit on the web browser or do certain sitting animations. I can’t test any of it myself though because I don’t have a Mac.

Glad to be a help though. :D


Anonymous asked:

Do your desktop buddies work on mac?

From what I’ve seen there aren’t many desktop buddies for Macs, and I haven’t seen Charles or Erik for Mac.

I have found the Tenth Doctor, John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, and there are a few more done by Shinobitokobot and Bifftheninja on deviantArt.

Shino also has a couple of tutorials on how to convert them yourself here on her dA journal and on youtube.

If it comes down to it then you can use this program called Parallels Desktop, there’s a little bit of information on it here. Yes it’s a yahoo ask but it has more information and a link to the program in question.

I hope that was at least a little bit of help to you.

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